Happy New Year, Happy Eating!!!


After taking a little blogging break, I had to post this delicious and beautiful dish to wish you all a VERY HEALTHY and happy New Year (recipe to follow, below)!!  I had actually started to write a “Bragging About My Holiday Blues” blog, but decided that it might be annoying if in fact, you’re suffering with the holiday blues!  If you’re like me, when you’re in a funk, getting a “CHEER UP” message makes you want to punch someone.  😯  So in a nutshell, just so I can sorta get my message out there since it’s one of my many blogs unwritten, the jist is this:  The holiday season is supposed to be AMAZING, right?  A happy time!


Everyone’s shopping and traveling, taking time off of work and singing, blah blah blah (kay, maybe they’re not all singing)…..  But what if you’re just not feeling it?  I certainly wasn’t.  I was in a serious funk.  I had some ‘stuff’ happen recently that just had me down.  Thankfully, nothing was earth shattering, however for ME it was!  Then, there was this guilt on top of everything – of feeling that I had no right to feel down when people are suffering so much worse than me in this world with things that make my trials and tribulations seem infantile.  The truth is though, a burn hurts no matter how high the flame.  So part of my snapping out of it was just feeling ENTITLED to feeling like sh**.  It was a necessary step 1.

Step 2, and this is tough for some so I thoroughly acknowledge that!  I always tell myself (and others who are in that funk!) that “this too shall pass”.  It’s really hard to see it in the throws of the tough stuff in life, but I recalled the last time I felt defeated and focused on all the great stuff that happened in between.  I’ d either hurdle these obstacles that I was facing (and still am) successfully…….or not.  Either way, I knew I’d need to make peace with it.  I had to sit with the idea of the worst case scenario and imagine somehow being okay with it.  Life goes on…..  (I guess, right?)

Anyway, not to get preachy because I am no expert (I just know what works for me), but here’s my step 3:

Sometimes you just can’t change what’s happening,  and that’s really hard to deal with.  Of course you should always try to affect whatever positive outcomes you can, but sometimes there are circumstances that are just out of your control – and that is life!    So how do you DEAL when you can’t change the circumstances?  You need to change what you CAN …….  and that is…… YOURSELF!

I needed to change how I was feeling physically ABOUT the situation (that pit in my gut) since I couldn’t change the situation.  And I know this may seem like it’s over simplifying, but it’s really NOT.  What I did was…..I bundled up, put on the best, most motivating music I had, and hit the road in my running shoes – 27* weather outside.  I have NEVER gone for a run when it was below 70* (maybe 65*) because I’m a total wimp and hate cold weather.  But I’m telling you, doing something physical, and challenging myself in a way that I’m still scratching my head over (why in the world would I look at the snow and want to BE in it???) was an overwhelming feeling of taking control back in some small but significant way.  I came back feeling amazing!  It was tough for the first 10 mins and then look out!  My mind was racing!  I was dishing out (in my mind) every motivating quote I’ve ever read/heard (quotes I used to roll my eyes at) and really FEELING IT!  That feeling, lasted all day!  So I got up and did it again the next day.  After three days, my back hurt – so ….. I BOUGHT NEW RUNNING SHOES!!!!!  And so that’s the moral of the story – that shopping ROCKS!  Just kidding – (but it sure helps 👿 )  There goes my unwritten, but now WRITTEN, preachy blog.

This started with me telling you I WASN’T going to talk about this (cuz I’d wanna punch me!) but I ended up doing it anyway.  Sorry.  If you, like so many others at this time of year, feel that pit in your stomach, whether it’s situational or just that icky feeling for no apparent reason, take control!  DO SOMETHING that will challenge you PHYSICALLY!  Your self-esteem will sore (part of that is total endorphins at work, but SO WHAT!  It works! And it’s FREE!).  And seriously remember, THIS TOO SHALL PASS, cuz it will 😆   Kay, now for my really easy but SO DELICIOUS roasted veggie recipe:

Embarrassingly easy, VEGGIE HEAVEN:
Pre-heat oven to 500* (Yup, that’s crazy high, I know!)
I focus on my broccoli cuz that’s my thing –
Cut long stems of broccoli and put in a Ziploc with either a little olive oil or veggie soup broth.
Sprinkle in kosher salt and SHAKE THAT BABY UP good!!!
Lay it out on a baking sheet (on top of parchment paper).
On a separate baking sheet throw on a bunch of veggies and spray with either an olive oil spray OR use Pam (just to moisten a bit).  If using cauliflower, don’t spray.  It’s naturally moist enough.
Sprinkle kosher salt on everything (go lite.  you can always add salt later)
A few things I do to add:
Cut a couple lemons in half and make a make-shift little bowl out of tinfoil, you don’t want the juice running out.
Put that ‘bowl’ on one of the trays, cut side UP – and roast along with veggies
Also, wrap a bunch of garlic cloves (all together in one wrap) in tinfoil with a touch of olive oil, also put on one of the trays
Check the veggies every 10-15 mins cuz each veggie cooks differently (peppers take longer than broccoli, cauliflower takes the longest, the garlic will burn after about 15-20 mins)
Toss them around every little bit.
The broccoli should be turned over after 20 mins
Cook these veggies til they’re looking to your liking!
* Sprinkle some of that sweet, roasted lemon on the veggies and scatter the roasted garlic cloves all over!  Add some fresh thyme or marjoram by sprinkling all over these babies- and OMG these veggies are delicious!
* I find that the natural flavors of these veggies really don’t require anything more than olive oil or veggie broth and a little kosher salt, but I DO add curry powder and/or turmeric to my cauliflower.  And I DO sprinkle chipotle powder on my peppers – to spruce things up.  Yes I DO! 😕

ENJOY and have a happy and HEALTHY HEALTHY 2015!!!




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