Ridiculously Delicious Curry Veggies! Vegan, Low Carb and LOW CAL!


So I’m gonna be totally honest here ūüôĄ !¬† I bought this big, awesome¬†muffin-tin thing at Sur La Tab¬†and actually set out to make a giant¬†tofu muffin (which I’ve made successfully in the past – and I’ll post that recipe one of these days cuz it’s a GREAT quick meal!) but I screwed up royally!¬† The good news is that I accidentally made the most AMAZING CURRY DISH EVER!!!!¬† I’ve made it a million times since, and it’s a HUUUUUGE HIT – so here’s the recipe.¬† You will love this!!

If you’re a veggie lover, like me AND if you love Indian food (again, like me) then you’re in for a real treat!¬† Let me give you one tip though.¬† I’ve bought a million curry powders in my life – in search of the perfect one!¬† This particular curry powder really is the best I’ve had and it MAKES this dish THAT much more amazing!¬† Any curry powder will still make this recipe ‘ridiculously delicious’, but¬†since I’m¬†a curry snob, I have to have my¬† S&B Curry Powder.¬† Kay, so here’s the recipe!


Put the following in a blender:

* 4 ounces (I literally weigh it)¬†of extra-firm¬†tofu (click link for a low cal/carb/organic brand that I use) ….¬†wrap in paper towel and squeeze some moisture outta there!
* 1/3 C of Almond Milk (click green¬†link to see the brand I use – cuz lots of brands have carrageenan in it – and don’t even get me STARTED with how bad that is for you!)
* 1/3 C Water
* 1 T of S&B Curry Powder (see above)
* 1/2 t Baking Soda
* 1/2 t Baking Powder (you can omit this and the B. Soda if you want to, but consistency will suffer)
* 1/4 t Salt¬† – I love the Pink Himalayan¬†Salt for it’s health benefits (less sodium, more minerals.¬† Read green links to learn more)
——After you’ve blended all of that above (I dump it all in my Vitamix!), pour it into a SMALL greased (I spray Pam) casserole or baking¬†dish.¬† I say SMALL because this whole thing is to serve ONE.¬† Double the recipe if you only¬†have larger baking dishes.¬† You’ll love the leftovers!!!

* 1/3 C Diced Red Onion
* 1/3 C Shredded¬†Brussel Sprouts (leave out if too difficult, but I buy these pre-shredded at Trader Joe’s)
* A generous HANDFUL of Chopped Kale (I cheat with these too!¬† I get ’em pre chopped in a bag.¬† Shhhhhhh! ūüėȬ†)
* Got Sliced Mushrooms?  Throw some in there too!
– Make sure the wet ingredients bury the veggies!
Bake (uncovered) for 10 mins.  Mix a little, bake for 10-12 more.
It’ll thicken to a nice thick, curry consistency!

When it’s done and still really hot, I like to mix in cilantro, RAW broccoli and cauliflower (to benefit from the nutrients they offer in their raw form) and decorate with Sriracha Sauce to add heat.

That’s it!¬† You CAN¬†serve it over brown rice or soba/buckwheat noodles, but I watch my carbs and prefer to only add those grains when I’m going out of my WAY to¬†eat carbs.¬† You won’t believe how AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS and filling this meal is!¬† You got your protein, lots of veggies and¬†can enjoy your Indian meal knowing you’re doing your body good.¬† Enjoy ūüėé








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