Love Buffalo Wings? Me Neither! But You’ll LOVE My HEALTHY Cauli Wings!

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I thought I’d share my EASY, GO-TO recipe since I seem to be making this a LOT lately.¬† My husband devours these CRUNCHY CAULIFLOWER “WINGS” in no time, which makes me so proud ūüėĬ†¬† And this is my most-requested side-dish by far!¬† It’s a great alternative to chicken wings or anything fried and crispy,¬†and it totally fits the bill when you just NEED that tang and crunch!¬† So here it is.¬† A to-die-for recipe¬†worth¬†LIVING for! ūüė鬆


Preheat oven to *450 and line a baking sheet with parchment paper sprayed with a little cooking spray, like Pam.

Now, first you’ll need:
* 1 Cup of chickpea (or garbanzo) flour. Remember my blog from the other day?  Well, chickpea flour is a resistant starch that will NOT spike your blood sugar!  And it has more fiber (and protein) than whole wheat flour!
* 1 Cup of almond Milk (original, not sweetened!)
* About one head of cauliflower cut into florets (or if you’re really¬†lazy like me ūüôĄ¬† buy a¬†package of precut cauliflower!)
* In a large bowl, mix the flour and milk.¬† Add some seasonings you like, like garlic powder, onion powder, thyme and a little salt.¬† Taste the batter to be sure it’s to your liking!
(* This step isn’t NECESSARY, BUT … If you enjoy¬†ethnic¬†flares such as Indian, Mexican or¬†Italian….. then add cumin and curry for Indian, chipotle¬†& chile powders, oregano¬†and a little¬†cinnamon for Mexican, and oregano, rosemary and¬†marjoram for Italian!¬† Throw those seasonings into your ‘flour’ batter.)
* Mix the cauliflower in that batter and be sure each piece is well-coated.
* Lay pieces on baking sheet and cook for 20-25 minutes, until cauli looks dry.
…………………WHILE THAT’S COOKING ………………….
Now you’ll need:
* Barbecue sauce (Be sure to use a barbecue sauce that does not contain caramel food coloring!¬† WHY, you ask?¬† Cuz that sh** will kill you!¬† You should never consume “food” that contains caramel (or any color dye) food coloring.¬† Click HERE so that I don’t have to annoy myself by being preachy!
* Sriracha sauce.¬†(Here I go again.¬† I LOVE sriracha sauce, but the one I fell in love with years ago (THIS one), I found out¬†uses sulphites, gross fish stuff¬†and GMO’s!¬† So now I use THIS one.
* Rinse out that bowl!  No need to dirty another bowl!
* Use about 1.5 to 2 cups of barbecue sauce.¬† Depending on how much cauliflower you have, you just need enough to coat all (or some* – see my note on “some” below) of your cauliflower.
* Add in as much sriracha sauce as you can stand!¬† Love heat?¬† Add MORE! (Keep tasting the mixture until you get it to your preference.)¬† If you don’t like any kick at all, leave the sriracha out.
* Once that buzzer goes off (20-25 mins after cooking), take out cauli and throw those babies into your barbecue/sriracha mixture.
* SIDENOTE (this is the “some” I was referring to above): Sometimes, like in the picture above, I only coat half of my cauli in the sauce.¬† I like¬†leaving¬†some sorta plain and salty instead of the tang and sweetness the sauce adds.¬† I can always dip those in the sauce later if I want.
* After the cauli is coated with the bar/srir s sauce, put BACK in the oven for about 20 minutes.¬† You want to check after 10 minutes to be sure they aren’t burning.¬† The barbecue sauce tends to burn, so if you see this, flip the cauli over!¬† If they don’t look dry after 20 minutes, check every five minutes until they ARE (dry).

VOILA!¬† I like to serve these delicacies with VEGAN SOUR CREAM for dipping and I sprinkle with paprika.¬† Seriously, this is SO FREAKIN’ DELICIOUS and absolutely fits the bill for a salty, crunchy fix (those are the¬†ones NOT coated in the barbecue/sriracha sauce) AND that¬†sweet, chicken-wing-type of tangy crunch (the ones that ARE coated with the sauce).

Happy crunching!!¬† ūüėČ





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