Got a hot DATE with some DARK Chocolate… I’m in LOVE!



So folks, still think a calorie is just a calorie?  Let’s break it down for ya in real time.  Here’s a ‘to-die-for’ treat, (TRUST me on this!  And then GO TRY THIS – and dare to tell me I’m crazy!).  Half a medjool date (take the pit out, or die.  You choose.), 1 t of almond butter, 2 dark chocolate chips.  IT’S THAT EASY!  and THAT delicious!  Now, let’s compare that hottie to a Hershey’s Candy Bar. (CONTINUE READING HERE)
What ingredients do we have in our ‘Date With Chocolate’ treat?
** We have Medjool Dates (I use 1.5 total dates cuz that’s all it takes to feel satisfied with this loaded-with-flavor treat!).  Dates are LOADED with fiber, vitamins and minerals.  They lower triglycerides and WON’T spike blood sugar!
** Almond Butter (Just almonds!  Stick with the brand 365 Organic – and besides for a TRACE of added sugar, you’re getting the real deal!).  Almonds have vitamin E (an antioxidant).  They’re high in protein, fiber and even have calcium!  And their fats are healthy, as opposed to, … um, ….say …….a candy bar’s!
** And I love Lily’s Dark Chocolate Chips (organic, vegan, non-gmo, glutten free and no sugar added) – very few ingredients and all SAFE!  Dark chocolate is actually an antioxidant!  Yup!  True story!

Kay, ready for the Hershey’s Candy Bar?  There are a lot, but let me sum up by saying, it:
** Has GMO’s
** Has High Fructose Corn Syrup (please tell me you know how bad this is for you!)
** Partially Hydrogenated Oils (TRANS FATS!)
** Artificial Colors (the really dangerous kinds, Yellow 5 and Red 40!)
** Artificial Flavors & Preservatives
** Crazy bad fats!
And, they’ve significantly reduced the ingredient that chocolate is known for (when people tout chocolate for it’s health benefits!) and replaced it with a  cheaper, dangerous alternative, PGPR.  (Worth reading that green link!)

The weird thing, is that the DATE WITH CHOCOLATE treat and the Hershey Bar are only about 14 calories apart!  (Hershey’s 210, Date…196).  Obviously the Date treat has more fiber, protein – and look at the quality of what you’re eating!  You can either nourish your cells or ATTACK them!  Give your cells natural ingredients it knows instinctively how to utilize, or throw preservatives and sugars at it that causes your body to FREAK and attack itself, leading to a plethora of health issues/diseases!

Anyway, just so you know, I’m totally NOT saying you shouldn’t indulge once in a while.  Believe me, I’m REALLY good at that!  🙄 But just know that all calories are NOT created equal.  Even sugars in a candy bar that are delivered with artificial cancer-causing colorings as opposed to the SAME AMOUNT OF SUGAR being delivered to your cells in a lovely form with healthful fiber!  These differences play out significantly in your bod!  These differences will ultimately dictate your overall health, present and FUTURE!  So choose wisely, kay?   😉  – and seriously, you’ve GOT to try the date treat! 😎



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