Cool Way To Test For IODINE Deficiency! (Your kids Will Think You’re A FREAK!)


Here’s a quick, cool little FYI for ya on your Friday morning!   Wanna know a very cool way to test to see if you’re iodine levels are at a healthy place?  Go buy some iodine (I have the Logol’s Iodine, 5%) and put it on your skin. (I do my upper arm so people think it’s a tattoo, POSSIBLY because I draw a huge HEART on myself with that little wand, therefore making me VERY cool 😎 ).  If that orange stuff is still there in 48 hours, you’re fine.  If it’s not, you need to up your iodine intake.  “WHY?”, you ask?(CONTINUE READING HERE)

Well, for starters we need iodine for the production of our thyroid hormone.  It also helps regulate metabolism and development of both our skeleton and brain. Some of the tissues and organs that absorb and use/need large amounts of iodine are breasts, salivary glands, pancreas, cerebral spinal fluid, skin, stomach, brain and thymus. So for example, if you don’t get enough Iodine, you may experience dry mouth. Or you can have dry skin and lack of sweating. You may have lowered alertness (or IQ). Your muscles may develop nodules, scar tissue, fibrosis, fibromyalgia! And if I haven’t yet properly scared you, NOT getting enough iodine can result in goiter (and other thyroid issues) as well serious mental issues for babies BORN to iodine-deficient moms. Iodine deficiency is actually the most common cause of hypothyroidism worldwide (but not as much in the US, so don’t freak TOO much).

Our bodies don’t MAKE iodine so we have to consume it (from cheese, cow’s milk, eggs, frozen yogurt, ice cream, Iodine-containing multivitamins, iodized table salt, saltwater fish, seaweed -including kelp, dulce, nori, shellfish, soy milk, yogurt and soy sauce).

The RDA recommends 150 micrograms (mcg) per day for adult men and women, just to give you an idea of where you should be.  If you’re tattoo fades in a day, consume more of the foods listed above and RE-TEST a week or two later.

So that’s it!  My helpful (and interesting) tidbit for the day 😉 .  It’s so easy to test for (and kinda fun :mrgreen: !), without incurring any expensive or evasive sh**!  So whatcha waitin’ for?  What a great excuse to paint on a hot tattoo and wear a sexy, sleeveless tank this VALENTINE’S DAY.  (Please do not do this if you’re a dude!  Just …uh……… creepy 🙄  )

Have a great weekend!


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