Al Dente Will ‘Pass Thru You’ Without Leaving a “Dente” on Your Waistline


Kay, that was corny, I know.¬† I was trying to be clever ūüėĮ¬†.¬† Anyway, this is just a cool tidbit that I wanted to pass along cuz I find it very interesting.¬† So, ya know how I talk a lot about carbs?¬† I do that because it’s one of the things I put a spotlight on when working with my clients who want to LOSE WEIGHT, gain muscle definition or both!¬†


It’s crucial to¬†really look at carbs¬†when you¬†consider that it’s the first¬†place the body¬†looks to¬†for its energy source.¬†¬† So where does your energy come from¬†once you’ve burned thru¬†your carbs?¬† Your fat!¬† Pretty dam cool, right?!?¬†¬†So follow me here…..¬†The less carbs you have stored in you, the sooner your body will look to it’s fat stores for energy.¬† That means, ….you got it!¬† You are now burning your FAT!¬† Personally, I like that – and you probably do too.¬† So why is cooking your pasta al dente so key in this equation?

When you cook your pasta al dente, which literally means ‚Äúto the tooth‚ÄĚ – (undercooked and a bit hard), the enzymes have a difficult time getting IN to the pasta to break it down and store it for energy.¬† If it’s not broken down then it moves thru you and is not stored IN you.¬† Now¬†you have less carbs that need to be burned before your energy source comes¬†from burning¬† your fat.¬† On the flipside,¬†when you overcook pasta, its carbohydrates are absorbed (and stored)much faster¬†because most of the carbs will already be broken down from the cooking.¬† The more you cook pasta, the higher¬†its¬†glycemic index too, meaning that it can raise your blood glucose higher than if you cooked it al dente, but I’ll get to the topic of glycemic index in another blog one of these days soon.¬†¬† Another fascinating topic!!!

Same goes for rices.  The firmer the rice, the harder it is for your body to turn it into blood sugar quickly Рmaking brown rice, wild rice, harder/heartier rices Рand AL DENTE PASTAS Рall much better choices!

So that’s it!¬† I love little tips like this!¬† I can cook my WHOLE GRAIN PASTA and eat it too, as long as I make it al dente!¬† (Btw, don’t¬†ever eat¬†white pasta or white rice.¬† They’re highly processed and I’m assuming you know about processed flours, etc… right?¬† So I’m not even going to insult your intelligence by¬†talking about the dangers of processed foods!¬† You’re welcome¬† ūüėČ )

Bon appetite! (I think that’s Italian, so that’s me trying to be clever again.)


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